No retouching. Just you.


Photo : Ciara Corin Photography

Photo : Ciara Corin Photography

Hi, I’m Kathleen Kelly!

I don't retouch.

I mean, I can do a very minimal because pimples and lack of sleep happen, but I don't like to. That's not where my focus lies. I want to celebrate you and tell your story. We'll do tricks the moment of to help make you feel like your best and most confidence self, but I don't want to lose your amazing and unique you into retouching.

Especially for women, I pride myself in creating a safe and fun environment where they are free to just be, and get photos that look like themselves without anyone else's view of how they should look. I have some phenomenal women in my life, and so much magic happens when they trust you to celebrate them and lift them up.

I love photographing Moments. Emotions. Stories. Heart. I've always been drawn to creating and emotional storytelling. There wasn't ever a moment in my life when I didn't know I'd be pursuing something creative to do with my life. Discovering photography and its endless possibilities and subjects was everything my emotional heart and curious mind wanted.

So, let's connect. Whether it’s your wedding, promotional material, theatrical production stills, portraits, or some rad creative and playful idea you've been dying to do, let's talk!

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